Custom Design


Bring your design ideas to life: You design it, we create it!

Although we have our own jewellery collection, we also do custom work, so we can produce your own design.

If you already have made a sample please sent us a picture, otherwise, a drawing in most cases is also enough for us to (re)produce it.

We strive to meet and exceed customer expectation. We are dedicated to deliver Excellent Quality, On-Time Delivery and Meet your budget range you feel comfortable with. Using the industry’s top craftspeople including designers, model makers, jewelers, setters, we intricately create an exquisite “one of a kind jewelry”. Our success lies in the ongoing communication with customer and our expertise as jewelry manufacturer in giving scrupulous attention to all aspects. Consideration has to be placed on a wide variety of concerns, ranging from the user desire, jewelry making boundary, the design element, the characteristic of gemstones, jewelry styling to the cost of materials. Please contact us for more information on custom designing.





When designing custom jewelry, it all begins with a spark of imagination. Our dedicated designing team can easily transform your simple napkin sketches or photos you sent into a detailed hand illustration.


While working with us, you are given a detailed hand drawing of your custom jewelry. We provide a couple of design options and suggestions.After listening to your comments, adjustments can be made until we reach the perfect design.


Lios Jewelry uses the most advance, state of the art computer design software. Our jewelry artist hand builds your custom jewelry piece by piece into a 3D modeling program for review and approval.  During your design meeting, you are able to view the jewelry from every angle, change the color gemstones and even make small adjustments right before your eyes. With our detailed computer renderings you can rest assured that your designs will look exactly how you envisioned.


After the design is finalized, your wax model for your custom-designed ring will either be hand carved or made by a computer-aided wax-making machine or the combination of both.


At this time, the customer can take one last look at the wax model before the casting process.  The wax replica review must be handled carefully.  Every opening and all prongs of the gemstones and milgrain are created. Even small engraving is visible on the wax model.