Types of Plating

All of our products are Gold Vermeil 925 Crt Sterling Silver, nickel free, tarnish resistant, and hypoallergenic. We offer 2 types of plating: Regular Flash Plating with Lacquer Anti Tarnish Nano Protection and Micron Plating.

Regular Flash Plating With Lacquer Anti Tarnish Nano Protection:

All of our products are produced with Flash Plating, the most common and economical plating option. Flash gold plating is when jewelry is given a very thin layer about 0.05-0.10 % thickness of gold. Gold is applied through the process of electroplating to give a provide color and an even finish and called gold electroplating or gold wash/flashed.

Yellow Gold and Rose Gold Flash plating can wear off quickly. This is not uncommon and can happen regardless of the piece’s quality. The issue is not with the plating itself, but with the silver that is prone to corrosion and oxidization. Over time the molecules of the silver eventually merge into the gold layer affecting its appearance. If the gold plating is very thin, water, sweat and chemicals may cause discoloration.

Our Flash plating at 0.05-0.10 microns thick with Anti Tarnish Nano Protection Coating which increase the longevity of the gold plating.

Micron Plating:

Standard heavy gold plating refers to items that have 0.5 microns up to 3 microns of gold plating. The longevity of plating depends on thickness and how much wear and tear an individual piece receives. Micron plated jewelry will last longer than pieces which are flash plated. We provide Micron Plating thicknesses of 0.35 Micron 0.5 Micron, 1 Micron, 2 Micron, and 3 Micron with additional Micron plating cost.

All products are produced via Flash Plating unless specified by the customer.
Please contact us for our additional plating options. sales@liojewels.com

We provide as colors of plating in:

  • White Rhodium
  • Black Rhodium
  • Yellow Gold ( 14K,18K,22K )
  • Rose Gold